The Case for a Vegan World


WenShu Temple: Famous for its tea house and vegetarian restaurant

Arhat Vegetarian Restaurant: On the eastern side of the "historical" tourism block next to the WenShu temple. 1st floor, entrance through courtyard. (028) 869 21829 Bold text This is a new addition to the popular Shanghai-based Jujube Tree vegetarian restaurant chain which opened in October, 2006.

Its address is:

  • 成都市青羊区青龙街27号2号楼4楼(铂金城内)

4-A Platinum Age City ⅡNo.27 Qinglong Street, Chengdu Tel: (028)86282848


This restaurant is part of the Shanghai-based Jujube Tree Chinese vegetarian restaurant chain.

Its Ningbo address is:

  • 宁波市海曙区柳汀街16号1—2楼 ( 逸夫剧院柏兰中心内 )

No.16 Liuting Street, Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Tel: 0574—87301333

Good Earth Vegetarian Restaurant 好地缘素菜斋 8 Gongyuan Lu 鼓楼公园路8号 Tel: 0574-8725-5495

Fa Yin Vegetarian 法音素食 47-1 Wen Chang Jie 文昌街47-1号 Tel: 133-9667-0233

Lotus Vegetarian 莲花素菜馆 175 Baizhang Lu 百丈路175号 Tel: 0574-8737-1542

Jingxin Vegetarian 静心素食馆 179 Baizhang Dong Lu 百丈东路179号 Tel: 0574-8733-2296


One of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai is Jujube Tree. Among westerners, it is also known by its uninspiring English name Vegetarian Lifestyle; you can read a review here.

The restaurant features a traditional vegetarian Chinese menu with some simulated meats made to resemble pork, beef, duck, etc. Eggs are not used in preparation, but gluten is often used as a substitute, and there is rice. If you wish to avoid gluten, then you should ask your hostess what dishes you should avoid.

Dinners average 50-100 yuan per person. A set lunch is available for 18 yuan. There are three restaurants in the Shanghai area. Reservations for eight or more people are required; please note that because of good business they only hold reservations no more than 10 minutes, so try to be punctual!

  • (Huaihai restaurant; near Xintiandi) 上海市卢湾区嵩山路77号(上海皇宫内)First Floor, No. 77, Songshan Rd., Shanghai Tel:+21-63848000
  • (Gubei restaurant) 上海市长宁区黄金城道848号(古北新区内) No.848 Huangjincheng Rd.Shanghai, Tel: 021—62751798
  • (Jiangning restaurant) 上海市静安区奉贤路258号(美琪戏院旁)No.258 Fengxian Rd.Shanghai, Tel: 021—62157566

The group has now become a successful chain, and has opened new restaurants in Ningbo and Chengdu.