The Case for a Vegan World



  1. Government Money is wasted on subsidisation of animal production
    1. CSIRO
    2. TAFE/Unis
    3. Fuel
    4. Grazing subsidised by Government
  2. Because of the negative human health impacts associated with animal products, large amounts of money are wasted on preventable diseases
    1. Ageing populations in western countries will put an increasing strain on the economy. Ill-health due to animal product use, will make a big difference in the health costs associated with aging
  3. Destruction of the Environment has economic consequences
  4. Animal Industry is unprofitable (apart from subsidies) ???
  5. Tourism - Lost Opportunity
  6. Water
  7. More jobs and more pleasant jobs are created in a plant based economy
    1. Plant agriculture provides jobs for unskilled workers
  8. The money spent on animal derived foods, could be replaced with a smaller expenditure on plant based food, resulting in a saving to individuals and the economy
  9. Fisheries affect tourism by destroying reefs and biodiversity
  10. Additional forestry opportunities on land no longer needed for animal products
  11. We would save money on customs processes because the risk of animal disease would be reduced
  12. Crime costs


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