The Case for a Vegan World



  1. Grain and Legume production is wasted on feeding animals, resulting in food shortages for people
  2. Desire for the western diet amongst the nouveax rich in 3rd world countries, together with population increase, puts added pressure on basic food resources and impoverishes the rest of the population.
  3. 3rd World Factory Farming dramatically increases demand for food grains, and pushes the price out of reach for those in desperate need.
  4. Another twist in the hunger and resource story is land ownership. Large tracts of the most fertile and irrigated 3rd world land are controlled by multinationals or local groups who "know where the money is"; A study of 83 countries showed that a mere 3% of landowners own 80% of farmland. Instead of meeting the food and nutritional needs of the people in the area, they grow and export carcass meat, feeds for animals, and money making cashcrops. The resulting lack of suitable agricultural land to feed themselves has forced local farmers to cultivate marginal areas, which cannot long support heavy grazing and crop growing, and soon deteriorate into desert and wasteland. There is more profit and political mileage to be gained by supplying meat to the rich, than by growing grain for the poor.


References for the Arguments[]

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References for the Objections[]

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