The Case for a Vegan World

The case has been made, and it is an extremely good case, so now we need a plan. How can we make this world Vegan?

Please include your thoughts and idea here.

Vegan Think Tank[]

  • Idea # 1 - Create a wiki allowing anyone with ideas on a plan to publish it, and hope for a good idea.
  • Idea # 2 - Politely and humbly educate people on why to chose a vegan lifestyle and how to change their own life style. Do this both informally in your daily life and organized in groups. Some resources: Vegan Education Made Easy, Vegan Interest, Vegan Education)
  • Promote the idea through media and blogging that veganism is something which "the health concious" do, but is not necessarily for the average American. This creates the illusion of chic, and gives the movement cache, which will eventually trickle down to the women. As go the women, so go the men. It also has the added benefit of making the movement appear deeply health-oriented, which it is not, necessarily.