The Case for a Vegan World

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Raw foodism is a diet similar to veganism, only more restrictive.

This diet consists of eating all food - vegetables, fruit, seeds, etc. - raw. Like Veganism no dairy or meat/fish are included.



Some nutrionists say this kind of diet may not provide you with all the necessary vitamins, like calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron, zinc and protein.


It is also said this diet may help revert most cases of diabetes type 2 and help, if not revert as well, diabetes type 1. [1]


There are plenty of websites and forums on the internet with good recipes for beginners. Some of the easiest meals you can prepare on this diet are veggie smoothies.

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Eating out[]

Depending on where you live there can also be restaurants that make you live easier. If not try to eat at home or if you have to go out take your food with you.

If you order salads in non vegan-friendly restaurants ask exactly what ingredients it has, since most of the times they're made with dairy products even if they announce they're 'Vegetarian'.

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