The Case for a Vegan World

You can find this all over the net, but here's one from Moosewood, where it goes by the name "Six Minute Chocolate Cake".

This is a favorite to bring to potlucks, since there's almost always someone who will like chocolate, and even vegetarian potlucks rarely have non-dairy desserts.

Hints from baker Deb:

  • Be sure to make the coffee early, so it has time to cool. Or use instant (dissolve in a tiny amt. of boiling water, fill to 1cup measure with cold).
  • Strongly suggest use a mixing bowl rather than mixing in the pan, unless you have a very deep-sided pan.
  • Disregard instructions for glaze; it comes out much too watery.
  • My recommendations for this cake: Double recipe. Put raspberry jam between the layers. For glaze/frosting (depending on how think you make it) - melt some vegan chocolate chips in a saucepan on low heat. Taste. Add sugar as needed. At a spoonful of vegetable oil to give it gloss. Add a drop of vanilla or other flavoring. Thin, if necessary, with water, rice milk, or something deliciously alcoholic.
  • This cake is nice topped with raspberries. Doubly nice if you marinate the berries in something alcoholic.
  • In this filled and frosted version, people think it's INCREDIBLY rich. It isn't - in fact, it's incredibly sugary - but somehow it comes out like a cake with lots of milk and butter.