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"Making the case for a vegan world!"
As the vegan wikia community, this wiki is written from the VPOV (Vegan Point Of View).
First case is that Veganism and an a earth agreement that an ethical , cruelty free economy with the law assigned to thee earths land and oceans is the starting point from which we begin to reimagine , design and redesign into " a vegan world ".

Please note that vegetarianism with dairy , eggs - may contain eggs is linked to many diseases including cancer as well as boneloss etc. ... not just mistreatment of animals.

Veganism is waking up from participating in the mistreatment of animals and viewing " vegetarianism " as contaminated with disease causing contaminations and is ethically inadequate for the " Medicinal Veganism " future.

Human Rights and Animal Rights ( Human and animal rights ) is ethicentric focus of cruelty free food / free-trade food in a free and a healthy , cruelty free world through better design with the legal standing.

A Vegan world is a vision that humans and animals share a common paradise and belong living together as humanity rediscovers its calling to the wild to rescue and renormalize vegan eco sanctuary towns and vegan eco living - that even builds " art houses " for their animal neighbours in a majestic medicinal " ecotherapy / nature therapy " animal sanctuary retirement retreats as we realize the end of human / animal homelessness and starvation with the design of a new new system as turnaround plan to the system crisis of soil loss , climate change - an ethical " Vegan World " .

It should be noted that Veganism embraces ethical Technology / technoethics that help purify our water and environment as well as non invasive health devices that can cure , not just vegan pet health / vegan plant based medicines of the 40'000 - to 70'000 known medicinal plants.

Please join the community and share your own vegan
share your favorite vegan recipe, or hang out in our many forums.

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