The Case for a Vegan World

Zingo's Mediterranean, located in Perrysburg, OH

Zingo's specialize in Greek and Lebenese food. For those not in the know, that means, Gyros, Hummus, Tabbouli, Grape Leaves, Shish Kebobs, Fatoosh, Vegan Cupcakes and the like. Zingo's also has a variety of coffees, smoothies, and organic juices.

Here's how Zingo's is different than other restaurants: they make their food. The food service industry has become increasingly centralized. That means that meal you ate last time you were out was not really made there. It was made in a factory in Tennessee, packed with preservatives, frozen, and shipped across country to be reheated and tossed on your plate. Even many five star restaurants have sacrificed quality and their individuality to sell the prepackaged products. Many people don't like that idea. That's why Zingo's makes their food fresh daily on site from the best produce and grains they can get their hands on.

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